Finding Women in Tech

One of our primary objectives with CFTMS is to promote improved gender balance in tech, Internet and digital media. To achieve that objective, we have been working on several projects, the latest of which is to compile lists of women leaders in technology. One of the lists will be just those based in the San Francisco Bay Area for organizers of events in the area, and the other will be a national list. Eventually we may also compile a global list of women leaders in technology.

The purpose of these lists is to answer the call for more women in tech to use their voices in media, on conference stages, and in networking organizations where the gender balance has been lacking. Several organizations have asked for more women to participate, and often the reasons given are that these organizations don’t know where to find women who can speak to technical issues. We don’t want that to be an issue any more.

We ask the help of those in our community to send us names and suggestions for women to add to these lists. We aren’t just looking for big names in corporations; on the contrary, we want names of people at all sized companies, nonprofits and media organizations who play a variety of roles but who provide leadership in their respective areas. We will release the lists when they are ready, and share them with several publications and social networks.

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