Accessible Tech + Workplace Flex

In the realm of tech policy, innovation, and the evolution of digital government, accessibility has been gaining momentum as an important topic. Often that has meant adaptive software that allows for text-based information to be readable in various formats for individuals who are hearing impaired or visually impaired. Sometimes it has meant ergonomic hardware development for physical workstations. In most cases, these hardware and software solutions do not crossover into programs  offering workplace flexibility solutions. This is a problem.

With roughly 20 percent of the American population given a disability status, we need to do better. Providing opportunities for these people to work as long as possible means innovating for a broader set of tools and techniques to keep them working or get them back to the workplace. Companies shying away from remote work, flexible scheduling, adaptive devices or anonymized application processes continue fostering  a long legacy of narrow-minded thinking when it comes to employing a diverse pool of talent.

At CFTMS, we believe that a broader approach built on public programs providing support to companies of all sizes will help shape the U.S. workforce of the future. We are beginning to reach out to partner organizations about this project and will share more details as the project evolves.

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