CFTMS undertakes projects supporting the following principles (and often with overlapping missions):

  • Open government – transparency online, including open data
  • Global collaboration – working together, wisdom of the crowd
  • Cybersecurity – users protected from dangerous attacks
  • Cyber safety – Internet safe from predators and inviting for kids
  • Election integrity – fully secure, audit-backed systems with paper trails
  • Privacy – controls and rights for users to determine who uses our data
  • Net neutrality – allowing all traffic to flow freely
  • Tech flexibility – modern workplaces allowing flexible environments & schedules enhanced through technology
  • Net freedom – an Internet free from persecution
  • STEM education – opportunities for learning about all aspects of technology
  • Equal access – absence of an economic digital divide
  • Accessibility – an Internet, software and hardware accessible for those with disabilities and special needs
  • Gender neutrality – the Web without bias
  • Usability – strong design, easy for all to use
  • Quality content – upholding ethical standards of journalism within new media
  • Innovation – an environment where evolution of ideas is encouraged and celebrated

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